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4″ Dipped with Garlic and Salt

The difference with STH Tubes when compared to others is the body of the STH is 40% and the tail 60% of the tube, giving you better hook exposure. This also allows you to down size if the bite gets tough by cutting the length of the tail to make a 3.5″ tube.

Quantity: 8 per pack

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Weight .070 kg
Dimensions 18.5 x 12 x 2 cm

DM Gold Purple, Ten Point, Smoky Melon, Hollywood, Wanta Be, Girls Best Friend, Blue Claws, Brown Copper, Frosty Pumpkin, DM Purple, Star Warz, Goby In Heat, Fire Works, Gaspar Costabile Dark Melon Gold, Peter Savoia GrnPum Blue Hilight, Jeff Magee Light Char/Smoke Tail Blk Red Flk