Crush Worm


The Crush Worm is 94mm or 3.75″ long. We pour it with super soft high floating plastic salt and scent.The Crush worm has quickly become a main stay drop shot bait for a wide range of anglers. We recommend not shacking this bait it has been proven time and time again the dead sticking the Crush worm works best. This is due to the way the Crush Worm stands out on your hook.
As for the colour selection, we have created some new ones.

Quantity: 10 per pack.

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Weight .038 kg
Dimensions 18.5 x 12 x 1 cm

Natural Born Killer, Killer Pumpkin, Smoken Joe, Bang, Savoia Special, Magic Chartreuse, Grey Ghost, Dark Smelt, L.O. N Goby, L.O. N Goby Pearl Belly, Girls Best Friend, Girls Best Friend Pearl Belly, Blue Moon, Naked Perch, Green Pumpkin, Dirty White