Here Are the Best Live Baits, and Where to Hunt Them

Any seasoned angler will tell you that live baits are the best when it comes to freshwater fishing. But then, hunting for these live baits can be quite a challenge. In this article, we have discussed the best live baits to try out on your next fishing trip.


You will agree with me that minnows are a great deal for fishing shoreline-oriented fish like largemouths. The advantage of live minnows is that they are readily available at the stores. You can also choose to hunt them in small creeks and shallow regions at the edge of lakes using seine fishing nets. To fish using minnow baits, impale the lips with size #2/0-6 hooks.


These are a delicacy for many fish, and that makes them excellent live baits, whether you are fishing for bass, trout, or catfish. Besides, the scurrying action of crayfish will hardly go unnoticed. Use a dip net or a can with holes to catch crayfish in ponds and streams. You can also buy them at a bait store near you. When it comes to fishing with live crayfish, hook them through the tail. Then, cast the bait to points, rock piles, docks, and drop-offs.


Also known as stonecats, these are also very enticing live baits, very effective on smallmouths. Unlike crayfish and minnows, it’s hard to get them at your bait store. That leaves you with no option other than hunting them in the ripply and dark regions of rocky rivers. You can choose to scoop them with fishing nets or trap them with containers. To fish with madtoms, hook them with size 1 to 2 hooks through both lips.

There you have it folks; three best live baits you need to try, and where to find them. Other worthy mentions include hellgrammites, shad and panfish.