Extras to Bring During your Fishing Trip

Fishing is fun, but only if you tag along with all the things you will need. Of course, you need to be in the right gear, with at least a pair of clothes for a change when leaving. You will also need to have the right fishing equipment, otherwise known as fishing tackle. But besides the basics, there are several things you will also need for the ultimate experience.

Waterproof Smartphone

If you have a waterproof smartphone, the better. But then, a smartphone is better than a camera as you can capture some of the remarkable moments. In addition, you can play mummys gold or any other casino and mobile games when you get bored, waiting for the next catch. For those without a waterproof smartphone, remember to carry a waterproof bag.

A Multitool

When out fishing, a multitool is an invaluable addition to any fisherman’s tackle box. Yes, you will need a fishing knife for the trip, but multitools like Leathermans can complete a wide variety of tasks, be it making a DIY fish hook, removing fish hooks from the mouth of caught fish, or opening cans. The best thing about these tools is that you can wear them around your belt.

First-Aid Kit

You’d rather have a first-aid kit and not need it than need it when you don’t have it. Most people don’t think of fishing as an activity associated with accidents. The truth of the matter is that there are dozens of risks during fishing trips. From the bites of vengeful fish to hooking yourself, among other common fishing accidents.


There you have it folks, three crucial things you should prioritize during your next fishing trip. If you have enough space, consider tagging along with sunscreen, sunglasses, insect repellent, and of course, a fishing license where necessary.