Best Freshwater Live Fishing Bait

There are several types of freshwater fishing bait. These fishing baits are not costly, such as fishing lures. Discussed below are some of the most common freshwater fishing baits.

Cut Fishing Bait

Cut fishing bait uses fish, which is split into pieces. The fish that are attracted by the scent are likely to grab the cut bait. Cut fishing bait can be made using any fish, but first, remove the scales and leave the skin on for it to be most effective.


Leeches are effective as live freshwater fishing bait. Leeches are hooked through the sucker in the tail and not in the head. It is important to fish at a speed at which the leeches can naturally swim since it is the swimming motion that attracts the fish. Also, when fishing, give the leeches at least one hour to adjust to the new environment and swim naturally. Leeches commonly catch northern pikes and walleyes.

Dough Ball Bait

Dough ball bait can either be homemade or commercially bought. The commercially made ones are canned and labelled for specific fish such as panfish, catfish, carp, or trout. The dough is moulded on the fishing hook or on the treble hook, which has a bait holder attachment.


Minnows are baby fish and are among the most effective freshwater fishing bait. You can get them at the bait and tackle shop or catch them yourself. For trolling and drifting, cast and retrieve, hook the minnow vertically through both lips or the tail. Ensure the minnows can move since the swimming motion will attract fish.


Insects such as beetles, grasshoppers, crickets, caterpillars, and ants are effective live freshwater fishing bait. These insect fishing bait catch fish such as sunfish, panfish, and trout. Ants bait best attract brown trout.

Other freshwater fishing bait includes clams and mussels, worms, and crayfish.