If you are a fishing enthusiast, whether a seasoned one or just the casual type, this website should be your new home. This is a website focused on fishing, and more precise, what you put at the end of the reel – the baits and lures. That’s what determines whether you are going home with fish or not.

Baits and Lures

Find resourceful articles that will help you identify what type of fishing is best for you. Should you opt for lure fishing or be conservative with bait fishing, using live and natural baits? Read about the types of baits and lures you will find on the market and some of the recommendations.


Also, on this website, we have detailed guides about shopping for the best lures and factors to consider before purchase. Remember, there are natural baits in the stores, so make sure to read a few tips regarding their purchase. You can’t afford to ruin your fishing trip with the wrong baits or lures.


For the DIY enthusiasts, this website brings you some of the most interesting projects to consider, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert. You don’t have to be relying on the stores always. Learn how to make a pop can lure, DIY jerk baits, paper clip fishing lures, and so on.

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